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10 x Bamboo Drinking Straws, Various Sizes, Reusable, Eco Friendly


Bamboo Drinking Straws- Reusable and Biodegradable Straws- Handcrafted Assorted sizes- All Natural/ BPA Free/Non-Toxic

  • UNIQUE DESIGN: Each Bamboo Drinking Straw is carefully hand-crafted for that aesthetically stunning finish. Unlike regular straws from the Far East, our bamboo straws are made from American bamboo species.

  • 100% SUSTAINABLE: Our Bamboo straws are all-natural, non-GMO and free of pesticides. Get these eco-friendly, biodegradable straws and contribute to environmental conservation. 

  • REUSABLE: Why go for regular plastic straws when you can have our one of a kind Bamboo Drinking Straws? Perfect for hot or cold drinks, you can clean and use over and over again with no aftertaste!

  • FOOD-SAFE: With no BPA, toxic dyes or inks, our reusable bamboo straws do not pose any risks to your health. Comes in a beautiful jute bag; with a straw cleaner or on their own. Buy with confidence!

  • CHOOSE THE SIZE THAT SUITS YOU:  Whether you want a straw for a tall cocktail or a martini glass, these Straws from Bamboo are just perfect for you. Available in different sizes with 3 diameters for use depending on your type of drink.




With an ever-increasing number of plastic straw wastes; spaning the millions per day, we have taken the initiative to help combat this dangerous menace and contribute to protecting and preserving our environment. An extraordinary blend of quality, functionality, versatility, and convenience makes our Bamboo Drinking Straws a must have for you as we aim to conserve Mother Nature. Order and join the movement.


We’ve carefully handcrafted each bamboo drinking straw from American bamboo species for that unique look that will stand out and add a touch of class to your cocktail or drink glass.


Made with your safety in mind


Do you have concerns on how bamboo straws are produced? Well, you’ll be glad to know that we make the safest all natural straws in the market. Our food-safe construction does not contain any BPA or toxic dyes or inks. 


What’s more, our reusable bamboo straws are non-GMO and do not contain any pesticides.


Comes in a variety of sizes


Our Straws form Bamboo come in 3 diameters to suit your type of drink or the finish you are looking for. Here are the awesome sizes for you:


  • Type 1: Narrow:  10-12 cm with an outside dimension of 3mm. Perfect for tumblers or martini glasses and are also used as eco coffee stirrers.

  • Type 2: Medium: 2mm to 5mm internal diameter with 18 to 20 cm length. For soft, thin drinks. These straws are generally seen as the main replacement for common drinks straw. 

  • Type 3: Wide: 5mm to 1 cm internal diameter & 18 to 20 cm diameter. Use for thick drinks, shakes & smoothies.


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