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LittleLoveBum Popper & Pocket reusable cloth nappy hemp bamboo little love bum


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Type: Re-Usable Nappies

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Brand: LittleLoveBum

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Popper & Pocket


Reusable All-in-Two Pocket Nappy


Fits babies 10 to 35lbs (4 to 16kgs)


       Stretchy tabs and double popper closure for a secure fit

       Crossover poppers for a smaller baby

       Hip poppers to prevent wing-droop

       Can be used as a pop in nappy or a pocket nappy

       Inserts and cover have a stay-dry liner to keep baby’s bum dry

       Choice of preferred insert

       Size adjustable


1. Fold the trifold so the stay-dry liner is on top and the popper and logo are at the back.

2. Open the nappy to find the pocket and the popper inside the pocket.

3. To be used as Pocket Nappy:

            Stuff the insert inside the pocket with the logo and popper facing up.

4. To be used as Pop-in Nappy:

            Pop the insert to the nappy using the popper inside the pocket.


How many nappies?

For 2-3 days between washing we recommend 15-30 nappies.

Newborns can typically go through 8-12 nappies per day.

Older babies may only need 5-8 nappies per day.


How to size your nappy:

Use the top 2 rows of poppers with the wing poppers to

adjust the waist size and use the 9 bottom poppers to

adjust the rise.


Washing and caring for your nappy:

       Wash before use

       Knock solids into toilet

       Remove inserts before washing

       Soiled nappies are to be stored in a dry pail

       Wash every 2-3 days

       Pre-rinse with no detergent

       Wash at 40?or at 60? if heavily soiled

       Note that washing at 60?decreases their lifespan

       Extra rinse if necessary

       Line dry

       Do not use bleach or fabric softeners

       Do not soak




This clever, All-in-Two Pocket nappy is a 2-in-1 nappy that is designed so that the absorbent inserts can be secured with a back popper OR inserted into a pocket inside the nappy. It works with two parts, the Popper & Pocket waterproof cover and a choice of absorbent insert (sold separately). Our inserts, which include Hemp Trifolds, Bamboo Trifolds and Microfiber Booster Pads, as well as the cover, have a stay-dry liner that keep your baby’s sensitive bottom dry. It sits securely with stretchy tabs and double popper closures. It has crossover poppers for smaller babies and hip poppers which prevent wing-droop and leakage. It is an OSFM, (One Size Fits Most), nappy, and is fully size adjustable so suitable from baby to toddler (approximately 10-35lbs/4-16kgs)


Hemp Lge 35x35cm

Hemp Sml 28x28cm

Bamboo Lge 35x35cm

Bamboo Sml 28cmx28cm

Microfibre BP Lge 32cmx12cm

Microfibre BP Sml 25cmx10cm

Microfibre Booster Pad


       Made from 100% Polyester

       Slim fitting

       Can be laid, popped-in or stuffed in nappy

       It has a stay-dry layer to keep baby’s bum dry

       Easily washable with your nappies

       Extremely quick drying time

       2 sizes: SML 3ply, M/L 4ply


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